Why do I need to clean the INSIDE of my shower head?

Because you care about your health. And if you could see, under a microscope, the kinds of scum and microbes that grow in the dark, wet recesses inside your shower head, you'd never want to turn your face up towards your shower head again without knowing that you've sanitized it from the inside out. Some of those microbes can even cause serious illness, such as Legionnaire's Disease.

What kind of stuff grows inside a shower head?

  1. Mold
  2. Mildew
  3. Scum and calcium deposits
  4. Bacteria, including legionella pneumophilum, which can cause Legionnaires' Disease
"Water from an untreated shower could contain more bacteria than you’d find in your toilet.... The aerosols created when you stand under the spray can send any bacteria from the water system into your lungs, onto your body and, in certain circumstances, into the bloodstream too." - Dr. Paul McDermott,

Do I need a plumber or contractor to install Shower Cleanse?

No. The Shower Cleanse system was designed by a professional contractor to make it easy for anyone to install at home on their own. And, once installed, you'll have a permanent, easy way to sanitize the inside of your shower head any time you want, without taking the shower head down again. Watch our explainer video or check out our simple overview of How It Works.

Is there a video that explains how the Shower Cleanse system works?

Yes! Watch Thomas LaPorta, the inventor of Shower Cleanse, explain why he created the product and how it works.

What is Legionella bacteria and why should I care?

Legionella is one of the most dangerous bacteria to anyone with COPD, low immune function, smokers, ex-smokers, the elderly, and is also a concern to developing children. This is why public and private facilities like Johns Hopkins Medicine take great care in treating the inside of their shower heads. Legionella is a bacteria that thrives in this climate (Warm – Wet – Dark) with microfilm and mold as a food source to grow and multiply, leaving the bather at risk. Water blasts out of a dirty shower head and the bacteria gets aerosolized and floats on tiny droplets of water that we breathe into our lungs. If we are not healthy enough to fight the bacteria it can make us extremely sick and can be life-threatening.

Will Shower Cleanse work with my hand-held shower head that's connected to a hose?

It depends on the type of hose and detachable shower head you're using. Shower Cleanse is ideal for fixed shower heads that are attached to the shower pipe coming from your wall. If your detachable showerhead and hose can hang loose and allow the cleaning solution to run through completely and exit the shower head through the force of gravity, then Shower Cleanse will work for your handheld shower head.